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90 jours

90jours: an app to help you put into practice your green awareness

July 21, 2016

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What if you could change some of your little habits and contribute to protect our beautiful planet? Don’t worry, that’s what 90jours is here to help you with: this “personal assistant for environmental transition” offers you a set of challenges you can put into practice on a daily basis. Adding a “no ads” sticker to your mailbox, peeing in the shower or even replacing all your household cleaning products with white vinegar — these are some green “small things” which can have a real impact and that the app will translate into numbers of liters of water or CO2 gas emission saved every year.

With its entertaining messages that allow to get informed on the topic step by step, this mobile app aims at being “a helping hand to start questioning our lifestyles, impeach our automatic reflexes and succeed in finding the green approach that suits us best” as explain its designer Elliot Lepers. A concept that’s definitely innovative and which even tends to make users stop feeling guilty, unlike the usual clenched environmentalists speeches: “What matters is to take one first step, then two, then three…”

Alright, I let you discover in further detail the philosophy and the functioning of 90jours — you’ll see, all of this is really damn good!

Over here for testing 90jours and starting your challenges (free app on iOS and Android phones)! You can as well follow @90jours on Twitter.

Le chiffrement expliqué en Emojis

A short introduction to public-key encryption… in Emojis!

July 17, 2016

While my whole Twitter account is celebrating World Emojis Day with some  🎉, 😜 and others 🌎, I discover a tweet that sums up the principles of asymmetric encryption using these nice little icons of all kinds — well, there! Well done! So I’m taking over this brilliant idea to detail it a bit in order to explain simply how the famous matters of public key and private key, encryption and singing are working:

🔑 Public key
🗝 Private key
📝 Message
👩🏻 Me, the sender
👨 My recipient

Encryption to ensure confidentiality of content:

📝 + 🔑👨 = 🔒✉️ Encrypted
I encrypt a message to send with the public key of the recipient.

🔒✉️ + 🗝👩🏻 = 🔓📝 Decrypted
I decrypt an e-mail I received using my private key. If you’re following well, that means this message was encrypted with my public key.

Digital signature to verify the authenticity of sender:

📝 + 🗝👩🏻 = 🔏✉️ Signed
I sign my message with my private key. That way, the recipient can be sure I am the person writing to him, not someone else.

🔏✉️ + 🔑👨 = 👤 Authenticated
I authenticate a signed message I received using the public key of the sender. Again, I’m sure of who’s writing to me.

⚠️ I can encrypt an e-mail without signing it, or sign an e-mail without encrypting here. You’re still there?

So when combining encryption + signature, I get:

📝 + 🔑👨 + 🗝👩🏻 = 🔏🔒✉️ Encrypted and signed
I encrypt my message with the public key of the recipient and I sign it with my private key.

🔏🔒✉️ + 🗝👨 + 🔑👩🏻 = 🔓📝👤 Decrypted and authenticated
My recipient will use his private key to decrypt the message in question, as well as my public key to authenticate it.

So, what do you say? I personally think this makes a very good recap for those who already have their hands on the topic, and also a nice approach for encouraging new e-mail encryption enthusiasts!


Datagueule: “Privés de vie privée”

July 8, 2016

🇫🇷 item content in French only

A smart and clear introduction to the topic of privacy, you’re up for it? Come on, let’s do that in video with the unique recipe of the Datagueule series: a bitting narration, relevant data and facts sprinkled with a touch of humor… all of this for figuring out the mechanism of complex questions under the prism of history and in a playful way, love that!

With this “Deprived of privacy” episode, 4 minutes become enough for a recap in simple words on the ins and outs of online surveillance and the protection of privacy — not bad, don’t you think? Ok, if you’re already interested in the topic you won’t learn anything brand new — however, this makes a hell of a good medium for making a start on the conversation with your sweetie or your mom, just to make them understand that communications interception or intelligence laws are issues actually affecting you, me, everybody.

Don’t wait to watch it, and don’t hesitate to share it!

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